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Christmas tree reprocessing

We carry out efficient and quality conscious processing of Christmas trees. We can handle logging, netting, palletizing and loading of the Christmas trees, as well as further processing such as mowing, pelleting and loading of greenery.

It is important to us that the reprocessing of the Christmas trees is done correctly so that it does not affect neither the tree nor the customers who buy them. This way we make sure that our customers come again next season – and possibly tell their family and friends about us, so that they too can have a nice Christmas tree at a good price. We have the machines, tools and experience to ensure that harvesting and reprocessing will run as smoothly as possible, and we provide our help exactly where it suits you best. We are commited to reaching the same high standards for our customers trees, as we do for our own production.

We also take care of sales

When it comes to sales, we are also qualified sparring partners as we have been contacting distributors of Christmas trees across Europe for many years and are still expanding our trading network. Our experienced staff is good at searching the market and at the same time allows us to combine the right trees with the right buyers. We therefore offer help and advice to our customers when they have to sell their Christmas trees at a reasonable price, no matter the type of tree.

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Seeking help or consultation?

Then we are ready to offer you the care it takes when establishing the cultivation of Christmas trees. We have years of experience in establishing Christmas tree culture, and can both help or guide you in ensuring a sensible Christmas tree culture, where the risk of planning errors is minimal, and the probability of getting beautiful trees at competetive prices increases.

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