Competent advice in the field of Christmas tree production

Do you need advice on Christmas tree production? Let’s be your sparring partner, and you’re sure to make the most of your Christmas tree culture.

Over time, we have accumulated a strong competence and broad experience in the production of Christmas trees. As such, we can offer professional advice on the establishment and maintenance of Christmas tree cultures from the very beginning. From the selection of provenance and planting, over the maintenance of the Christmas trees, to the harvesting, reprocessing and finally sales. We make sure that your Christmas tree culture is established correctly and professionally, and not least that it is of top quality.

We offer professional advice in a wide range of areas, some of which we have described below:

Advice on selection of provenance (wood species) and cultural model in establishing Christmas tree culture in relation to land area, environment, weather and various other factors based on many years of experience in establishing cultures. Among other things, we advise here by:

  • Choosing the right provenance based on the information obtained
  • Choice of plants and seeds, as well as source of purchase
  • Planting, sowing and production of plantations
  • Selection of cultural model
  • Advice or help in finding plant nurseries

Advice on selecting the right tools and the machinery needed to maintain the Christmas tree plantation efficiently and economically

  • Advice on fences to keep wildlife away
  • Advice on hedgerows
  • Advice for protecting the Christmas trees from weather and wildlife in general
  • Advice on reprocessing and sales

Advice on care and maintenance of the Christmas trees:

  • Fertilizer
  • Spraying
  • Shape cutting
  • Various other technical tasks in maintenance


When it comes to establishing and maintaining Christmas tree plantations, we can advise in the vast majority of areas and in most contexts. No questions are too big for us and we always see the positives in difficult challenges.

Let us advise you, so you can get the best possible yield from your Christmas tree culture. Give us a call to hear more – we’re ready to help.

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Seeking help or consultation?

Then we are ready to offer you the care it takes when establishing the cultivation of Christmas trees. We have years of experience in establishing Christmas tree culture, and can both help or guide you in ensuring a sensible Christmas tree culture, where the risk of planning errors is minimal, and the probability of getting beautiful trees at competetive prices increases.

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