Christmas tree varieties

A healthy Christmas tree culture needs to be thoroughly planned

With over 19 years of experience in growing Christmas trees, we have a good deal of experience in the “correct” production of Christmas trees. We are proud to offer our customers a wide and varied selection of Christmas trees of different heights, shapes, densities and thicknesses.

Our Christmas tree production has always been characterized by high quality.

This means that our expertise in both planting and the subsequent grooming of the trees is reflected in the high quality of our trees. It also shows that our trees are healthy in that they have no diseases or otherwise do not thrive.

We sell our trees to private customers, as well as wholesale. We believe that a Christmas tree is part of the Christmas decor, and we provide trees to homes all over Europe, and we will always strive for you, the consumer, to have a beautiful, symmetrical Christmas tree, that is as easy to decorate as it is to place in its stand.

We grow the following types of trees:

Red Spruce - Picea Abies

Our specialty is red spruce, which makes up about 85 percent of our production. Red spruce is the most common forest tree in Denmark, and red spruce trees have been among the Danes’ favorite Christmas trees for many years.

In our neighboring Sweden, red spruce trees are also very popular, and we export many Christmas trees to Sweden every year.

In general, there are two versions of red spruce: England’s red spruce, which is a broad tree and Norway’s red spruce, which is a narrower Christmas tree.

English Red Spruce
English Red Spruce - A beautiful and borad tree
norway spruce
Norway Spruce - An elegant red spruce

Nordmann Fir

We are also able to deliver the Nordmann Fir. While the red spruce trees are most popular in Norway and Sweden, the Nordmann Fir is the Danes’ favorite Christmas tree.

There can be many explanations as to why this is the case, but one of the explanations for their popularity may be that the Nordmann Fir less often loses its needles after it has been cut down – at least compared to other trees.

nordmann fir
Nordmann fir - The most popular Christmas tree in Denmark

Douglas Fir & Picea Omorika

If you are looking for a slightly rarer Christmas tree, we also grow Douglas Fir and Picea Omorica/Serbian Spruce. Both, however, are a bit more in the niche department.

Picea Omorika - The Serbian Spruce
Picea Omorika - The Serbian Spruce
Douglas fir
Douglas Fir - Pseudotsuga menziesii

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Then we are ready to offer you the care it takes when establishing the cultivation of Christmas trees. We have years of experience in establishing Christmas tree culture, and can both help or guide you in ensuring a sensible Christmas tree culture, where the risk of planning errors is minimal, and the probability of getting beautiful trees at competetive prices increases.

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