Additional services

Additional services for Christmas tree plantations

At Andresens Skovservice, we carry out several forms of construction work in connection with Christmas tree plantations. We are specialists and have extensive experience in windbreaks, trimming, pruning and spraying.

We have a large machinery park available and can perform most tasks in the caring of Christmas tree plantations. With our help you are ensured high quality plantation work done.

Get in touch with us and find out more about what plantation tasks we can solve for you and your Christmas trees.

Trimming of windbreaks

It is no secret that a trimmed windbreak is equal to a larger crop of Christmas trees. As a rule of thumb, a well-functioning windbreak has an effective shelter zone of about 20 times the height of the fence behind and approx. 5 times the height of the fence in front.

When you slow down the wind with your windbreak, you ensure a much better climate for your soil. It is especially important that your windbreak is grown to be very dense at the bottom. You get a well-functioning windbreak by trimming it regularly. That way, your windbreak “bushes”, and becomes stronger.

If you make sure to trim your windbreak every year, the branches that has been trimmed off, will be of such size that they do not interfere with the other field work, and they can, as a rule, remain in the field.

Our windbreak trimmer is of the Elkær 2300 brand. Its branch saws are constructed with staggered blades. This means that the branches do not get stuck during work and this makes it possible to run at a high average working speed.

It is particularly effective for pruning trees and branches in heavy windbreaks with branches up to 25 cm in diameter.

Spraying work

We can help you with all kinds of spraying of Christmas tree plantations. When we do your spraying, it is done with great accuracy and without wastage.

We are certified and our work of course meets all applicable rules and regulations in this area.

Trimming and pruning of the bottom of the Christmas trees

We will help you with the trimming and pruning of the bottom of your Christmas trees. Bottom trimming gives your trees air, thus minimizing the risk of fungi and algae. At the same time, you optimize the shape of them.

A bottom cut of your Christmas trees typically needs to be done when they reach a height of 80-100 cm. With a proper bottom cut you also achieve a better spraying result, as the sprayer can reach the trunk on the trees. As a rule, it also makes the fertilization of the trees better.

You also make it clearer to the customer how the tree looks when it is cut with a good bottom cut. Last but not least, it also makes the felling of the tree much easier.

If you would like to hear more about some of the above contracting tasks, please feel free to contact us either by emai, phone or through our contact form.

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Then we are ready to offer you the care it takes when establishing the cultivation of Christmas trees. We have years of experience in establishing Christmas tree culture, and can both help or guide you in ensuring a sensible Christmas tree culture, where the risk of planning errors is minimal, and the probability of getting beautiful trees at competetive prices increases.

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