Caring of Christmas trees

Maintenance and caring of Christmas trees

In addition to maintaining our own Christmas tree production, we also offer our assistance at other Christmas tree plantations. We can take care of and care for the Christmas trees so that they meet exactly the high standard and quality requirements that we also set for our own Christmas tree production.

When caring for Christmas tree plantations, we provide all kinds of services, from spraying, fertilizing, cutting and maintenance of Christmas tree crops, to weed removal, disease and pest control and delimitation of access for wild animals. In addition, we can provide help for establishing hedgerows, crushing of old plantations, and take care of many other tasks in relation to Christmas tree productions.

Good care yields beautiful trees

A lot of circumstances apply to the care of the Christmas tree culture, with the cleaning of weeds and diseases, pest control and proper fertilization as well as dosing. In order to obtain beautiful Christmas trees and thus a good end product, friendly and accurate care of the trees is necessary. In addition, the trees must be cut and maintained evenly so that they get exactly the symmetry, shape, height and density that makes them attractive and sought after for the customers.

We provide help - whatever your needs may be

With our experience and expertise in the maintenance of Christmas tree plantations, we always make sure to deliver quality work. When assisting with your Christmas tree plantation, we always strive to achieve the same high standard as our own Christmas trees. 

We offer assistance for all tasks that usually occur during a Christmas tree production. In addition, you can ask us to help wherever you would like us to lend a hand.

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Seeking help or consultation?

Then we are ready to offer you the care it takes when establishing the cultivation of Christmas trees. We have years of experience in establishing Christmas tree culture, and can both help or guide you in ensuring a sensible Christmas tree culture, where the risk of planning errors is minimal, and the probability of getting beautiful trees at competetive prices increases.

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